Educational Reward Fund is a nonprofit organization focused on developing educational services. Our mission is to empower people with no or little means to obtain essential and environmental education. Motivate and entice studies with financial rewards to allow them to carry through their day.

We aim to provide the tools where society can invest in itself, and contribute to UN's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and it's SDG 4, see more here SDG 4 - UNESCO's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.


  • Use philanthropy to help the impoverished families through education.
  • Empower the poor with essential education enticed by financial rewards.
  • Provide the tools to donate, learn and earn the rewards.

Online Services:

  • Online service for donate and earmark funds to institutions and students.
  • Online service for educational content management: open to all edu-publishers.
  • Online service for students: courses, programs, games, analytics, and reward management.
  • Online service for governments and NGOs: access to institutional data.
  • Application Programing Interface (API). Allowing content sharing with the educational game developer community.

Availability of online services is estimated to 2024-2025.